Visit to Matai CORDE in Sambok Ork Village

UniED's Academic Coordinator Kang Ridvan visits Matai CORDE in Sambok Ork Village for a meeting with parents on their experience with Matai CORDE.

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On Friday the 27th May 2011 Chao Hav, Ing Chanserey and I were privileged to be invited to the parents gathering at Matai (Khmer for kindergarten) CORDE in Sambok Ork Village Battambang, managed by Ms Sao Sokunthea. There were 5 mothers and 1 father at the parents’ meeting, together with Sao Sokunthea and her assistant teacher, Ms Sao. To give you some background information on Matai CORDE  in Sambok Ork Village, there were 22 students enrolled and attending the Matai program, however since Khmer New Year, only 15 students have been attending. Sao Sokunthea visited family homes throughout Sambok Ork reminding them of Matai CORDE and encouraged 5 more families to send their children to Matai.

The meeting started with prayers, and Serey encouraged the parents to share their feelings and thoughts about their children studying in Matai. Here are their comments:

My daughter said to me that when brother comes home, he does not teach me (mother) anything. But she always come home and teaches me whatever she has learned in Matai.

Most of our children use their left hand to write. Many people said they should use their right hand, however, the children cannot change.

Later on in the meeting, I addressed the issue of left and right hand writing by explaining it is ok to use either.

My son is active. He is not shy. He always shares what he learns. During the free time, I observed my son take his books to read. He is not very playful like other children. I am happy that my son shares with me his learning when he comes home from Matai.

My daughter is happy to study with Matai.

I have nothing to suggest to the teacher in Matai to add to the lessons she is teaching my children. I think the lessons are sufficient for my children.

My child says prayer every night before sleeping.

Our children have the attitude of prayer and respect towards praying.

My children listen to their teacher more than to me.

I observed Sao Sokunthea’s close relationship with the parents of Sambok Ork that enables her to express her thoughts to the parents.

Before ending, we asked the parents whether they want to have a sharing session on how to implement discipline at home and how they as parents can support their children’s learning in the home. All of them said they would like this session. Sao Sokunthea said that in 2 months, she will arrange the workshop for parents.

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