World Environment Day at UniED 2011

UniED students are active in keeping protecting their environment and want people to remember, "saving environment is saving your life."

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World Environment Day at UniED 2011

On Sunday 5th June 2011, our teachers and over 30 students came to UniED to work happily on improving the universities grounds for World Environment Day (WED). We were divided into 6 groups. One group beautified the building while three groups made a garden in front of the building and planted fruit, vegetables and flowers. The last two groups used the waste like grass from the garden preparation, dried leaves and other vegetables to make a compost fertilizer. We particularly enjoyed working together with our teachers.

Before WED, UniED’s student council created a plan for how we could best use the day to improve the universities outdoor grounds. We all discussed some initiatives for our university such as beautifying UniED’s building, make a garden with a variety of flowers, make compost fertilizer and to develop a city garden using the knowledge we have learnt from our Diversifying High Efficiency (DHE) class. We chose to make a garden with flowers as well as fruit and vegetables, as we felt if the garden looked beautiful it could discourage passers by from dropping rubbish out the front of our university. We also wanted to plant fruit and vegetables so we can use it for students lunches or sell it to generate income for our community projects.

The meaning of WED is to remind all humanity to think and take care of the environment every day. We do not only love and protect it once a year but every minute and everywhere. We all learnt a lot from the day about how to lend a hand and help each other. Moreover, we learnt to transform our heart. For example these service projects teach us how to be patient, active, diligent, hard working and to compete with our shortcomings like laziness and impatience.

UniED student, Cheam Ny said,

“I was very happy on WED because I saw all UniED’s students come and contribute to cleaning the environment. They worked tirelessly and even though they did it under the light of the sun, they enjoyed doing it patiently. I love to see a good environment, it is the source of happiness. I hope all humanity will try to keep the world environment clean. The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and good deeds.”

Mr. Wody Basri said,

“I was happy that WED was done with great delight on the 5th June 2011. Most students came to support these activities driven by the student council. We felt great that students and teachers worked together hand in hand. Lastly, before we went back home, everyone enjoyed eating the sweet beans, provided by student council.”

Third year UniED student, Heuy Sokunthea said,

“I was very excited on WED. We learnt the importance of society looking after its surroundings. By helping and loving each other, these show that we understand how to work together as a team and cooperate. We enjoyed the delicious sweet beans, which came from the third year student’s masterpiece of a DHE Plot.”

What did you do for WED? It would be great to hear how students in other countries celebrate WED, so be sure to share your ideas with us.

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