PSA Update April 2011

CORDE trains 15 community education tutors in their Preparation for Social Action curriculum in April 2011.

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On the 19th of April 2011 CORDE’s University for Education and Development held training on their Preparation for Social Action (PSA) curriculum for 15 of their community education tutors. The tutors that attended teach in communities across Battambang Province including Ek Phnom, Kbal Thnal, O srolao, O khchay, Koh Kralor, Kampong Seima, Kampong Thom, Kampong Chhnang, Pursat and Preah Vihear. The training was facilitated by 4 of CORDE’s PSA Coordinators including Elyssa, Sophea, Ridvan and Rithy. This training provides CORDE’s community education tutors and UniED’s Education students with additional knowledge in practical and theoretical pedagogy and guides them in the practical application of science to community development.

Over the course of this training we focus the scientific influences on agricultural practices and environmental awareness and the impacts of communication and language on community development. Some of our tutors are already using this curriculum to work with their community, however we provide ongoing training in PSA to ensure they continue to build their capacity in tutoring a PSA group.

The training includes:

  • An introduction on forming PSA groups,
  • Doing experiments,
  • Practice tutoring of the PSA curriculum and
  • Each participant going to the village to share the program.

During the training the participant tutors introduce the program to village leaders and share how it can mobilize the youth in a community to organize and implement development initiatives in their own areas. This can be through agricultural projects, environmental planning and education via community workshops. For this PSA training the tutors visited Wattamin and Osralao. The PSA Tutors found the community participants in Wattamin and Osralao were very happy to study the curriculum, worked well as a team in unity and gained a lot of understanding from each other.

It is important for the PSA Tutor to introduce the program and its purpose to the community authorities such as the commune leader, village leader, school principle, teachers and students. We encourage our PSA Tutors to start groups where they already have strong relationships with members of the community who are interested in taking ownership over their community’s development and progress. The PSA Tutors receive support from a PSA Coordinator in their consultation and discussions with communities in finding interested participants and forming a new PSA Group.

The outcomes from the training included:

  • 1 new PSA Group in Pursat,
  • 2 in Kampong Thom,
  • 1 in Koh Kralor and
  • 1 in Battambang Town.

CORDE’s regular PSA trainings are equipping more and more young Cambodians to be promoters of development and well being in their own communities.  This is through fostering informal community education, sustainable agricultural projects and environmental protection initiatives. A big thank you to all the PSA Tutors and Coordinators that participated in the training. We look forward to hearing how the new PSA Groups are going and what projects you undertake in the near future.

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