CORDE opens their 16th Centre of Learning in Kompot Province to build the capacity of children and youth in Kompot.

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Celebrating the opening of CCL16 in Kampot

On Wednesday 4th May 2011 CORDE’s Community Education and Development Field Officers Mr Yom Ya and Miss Ing Chanthoeurth celebrated the opening of CCL16 by holding a workshop on ‘The importance of education’ from 2pm to 5pm. The new CCL is located in Thmey Village, Thmey Commune, Toeuk Chhou District, Kampot Province. 50 community members attended the workshop and celebration. During the workshop Miss Ing Chanthoeurth talked to the community about CORDE’s background and why they provide English Literacy and Khmer Moral Development education in rural areas across Cambodia.

Mr Yom Ya consulted with student’s parents in Thmey Village about the importance of education. He discussed the importance of moral and literacy education for children and youth.

He said, “Children must attend public school if they can or if they cannot access public school they should enroll at our CCL where they will receive English Literacy Education and Khmer Moral Education.”

CORDE knows the decision for a child to attend government school or alternative informal education programs lies with their parents, which is why it is important to hold workshops on the importance of education with the communities we work with. We use these workshops as opportunities for the parents ask questions about CORDE and its education programs. At the end of a workshop we ensure parents and community leaders have a strong understanding of the importance of education and demonstrate community ownership and support for the CCL.

When Mr Yom Ya and Miss Ing Chanthoeurth talked with Kampot’s community leaders regarding the new CCL, Thmey’s Village Leader, Mr Chiem Lang expressed some concern regarding the fees for CORDE’s education programs.

He said “he was not happy about the school fee because his villager is poor.”

Mr Yom Ya and Miss Ing Chanthoeurth went on to explain to Thmey’s Village Leader about why they have fees. The fees are used to maintain the CCL and cover costs such as study materials, electricity, water and to maintain courses. It is 2000 riels per month, however CORDE are more than willing to talk with families on an individual basis to see what is affordable for them. We do not want the fee to be a barrier to families educating their children, however we want to encourage families and communities to take ownership over their own education and we feel fees are part of this ownership.

At the end of the workshop Mr. Chiem Lang thanked CORDE for building the CCL and giving children and youth the chance to come and study.

He said, “I will push the community and parents to send their child to this centre.”

On the 5th May 2011 Miss Chanthoeurth worked at CCL16 enrolling children in English Literacy and Junior Youth Empowerment classes. That evening she spent time observing, evaluating and mentoring CORDE’s tutors in Toeuk Chou District.

Over the course of their 3 days working together in Kampot Province, Miss Chanthoeurth and Mr Yom Ya found they worked well together and overall received really positive reactions from the community about CORDE’s education programs and the new CCL, as 12 students enrolled in our programs.

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Sok Sareth says:

June 8, 2011 at 2:28 pm

i think it is very grateful to contribute to upgrading and pushing the children from different communities to be aware of the moral concepts and literacy learning. i do hope your organization is continuing to fulfill the missions and objectives.

July 1, 2011 at 11:01 am

Hi Sok Sareth,

Yes we are constantly looking for communities where education is difficult to access so we can provide our education programs to those most in need. We will be sure to keep you informed on how we are working towards our mission and objectives everyday. Thank you for your support.

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