CORDE Board Meeting

The Board of Directors of CORDE meets once in every six months and the purpose of the meeting is to reflect on the progress of CORDE and consult on ways to improve the programs offered for the development of the communities it serves.

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On 1st July 2011 at CORDE Headquarters, there was CORDE Board of Director’s meeting. It was held for 4 days from 1st July 2011 to 4th July 2011. The meeting was blessed with the attendance of Mrs. Sona Arbab and Mr. Sina Rahmanian from OSED and Ms. Elisa Caney from FUNDAEC. CORDE Board Members are Mr. Foad Reyhani, Dr. Lee Lee Loh Ludher, Mrs. Irene Chung, Mr. Chhit Samnang, Mr. Hou Sopheap and Mr. David Huang.

The meeting began with supplication for guidance and the reading of the letter from OSED (Office of Social and Economic Development) of the Bahá’í World Centre dated 25 April 2011. The Board recorded its appreciation for guidance and support from OSED. A short briefing of the current status of the 3 lines of action – PSA program, Community School and UniED – was given.

The Board was guided to reflect on its identity and its vision and understand the advancement in Social and Economic Development. CORDE should move more and more to serve the people of Cambodia.

CORDE also identified processes that will help it accelerate its advancement. From around the world, community school and PSA programs are two such programs that will enhance the education processes for community transformation.
The main focus of CORDE now is the Community School and Preparation for Social Action (PSA). UniED’s role was reviewed and will learn how to support the two programs of PSA and Community School.

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