Empowering isolated Cambodian communities through education in English literacy, moral development, environmenal awareness and health.  

CORDE celebrates International Women’s Day 2011

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CORDE kicked off it’s celebrations for International Women’s Day on Monday 7th March 2011 by holding community workshops in their Centres of Learning (CCLs) during the evening and the following Tuesday morning. CORDE’s teachers, CCL Directors, the Director of ComED, Miss Reth Sokuntheary, the Executive Director, Mr Hou Sopheap, the Field Coordinator Miss Ing Chanthouerth, village leaders, commune leaders, junior youth and people of all ages from the villages joined CORDE’s celebrations totalling more than 800 participants. The purpose of CORDE’s programs on International Women’s Day was to empower and motivate women in rural Cambodian communities to educate themselves for the workforce and become leaders in their communities promoting gender equality.

Ayyam-i-Há – a time to give thanks

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On Saturday 26th February 2011 CORDE’s head office employees celebrated the Ayyam-i-Há festival at CORDE’s main building in Battambang Town. CORDE’s Centres of Learning (CCLs) each held their own celebrations for their community from 8am to 12pm. Ayyam-i-Há is a Baha’i holiday and a reminder to us all to give thanks for what we have in our lives and share some of what we have with those less fortunate than us. It is celebrated each year from the evening of the 25th of February and ends at sunset on the 1st of March.

CORDE partners with Cambodia’s garment industry

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In January CORDE finalised its new partnership with Cambodia’s garment industry by implementing Child & Maternal Health and Child Education & Development workshops for Canteron Apparel Cambodia Co., Ltd employees in Phnom Penh.

CORDE’S new community banking program

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In January 2011, CORDE implemented a Community Banking Program giving staff, students and volunteers the opportunity to meet every Friday to learn the principles behind collective saving and borrowing. The objective of CORDE’s Community Banking Program is to promote family and community prosperity through a community-based organization that provides credit for small productive activities. There are 26 members of CORDE’s Community Bank thus far who are from a diverse array of villages and districts throughout the Battambang province. CORDE is excited by the potential to generate 26 micro enterprises across the Battambang Province.

TEDx Phnom Penh Buidling Cambodia’s Future

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On Saturday the 5 February 2011 Cambodia hosted its first TEDx conference in Phnom Penh. For those of you who are not familiar with the global phenomenon of TED talks, TED stands for:




First Preparation for Social Action Training in Khmer

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CORDE PSA Training in Khmer December 2010

From the 27 December 2010 to 6 January 2011, CORDE conducted the first Preparation for Social Action (PSA) training in Khmer. The training was run by appointed PSA trainers, Mr. Rin Rithy, Mr. Yin Chhouy and Mrs. Lim Kim Eang. There was a total of 11 PSA coordinators who came from CORDE and UniED to attend the 11 day training that was prepared and delivered carefully to ensure the training was a success meaning all participants left with a firm understanding of the PSA curriculum and its objectives.

CORDE Celebrates UniED’s Graduates of 2010

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On the 11 December 2010 at 7.30am proud parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends gathered at Sangker Stadium in Battambang Town to honor the graduation of their family members. A total of 32 students graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Community Development.

Reproductive health workshops for CORDE staff and students

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UniED's reproductive health workshop December 2010.

On Thursday 9 December 2010 UniED held a second health workshop for all their female and male students and their family members. The workshops provided an ideal forum for students to ask questions and raise health subjects that they needed more information on.

One way to save our environment

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UniED's reproductive health workshop December 2010.

On Friday 3 December 2010 UniED Professors Mr June, Mr Hea Mao, Mr Samnang and some of their students including Song Reaksa, Wody Basri, Shuk Vanney and Ran Kunthear from UniED held an environmental workshop at Preak Norint Secondary Public School in Ek Phnom District, Battambang. Over 400 students and teachers from the Ek Phnom community attended the workshop, which focused on the effects burning plastics and other wastes has on the environment.

CORDE staff retreat – a time of relfection, planning and fellowship

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CORDE staff retreat 2010

Last week CORDE had its very first staff retreat across 3 days from the 18 – 20 November. The first 2 days of the retreat took place in a conference room at the Spring Park Hotel around the corner from the CORDE office in Battambang town, while the 3rd day was an outing for the team to some fresh water streams at Chror Lounge Bopta and Sek Sork. Approximately 30 CORDE staff members from both UniED and ComED were able to attend each day of the retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to reflect on the past year, remind ourselves of CORDE’s vision, objectives and direction and spend time together in fellowship and getting to know each other more as a team.